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‘Anamorphic Waves’ Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London, April 2019

‘Anamorphic Waves’ Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London, April 2019

About my work

Artist who is fascinated by the detritus of consumerism and it’s ultimate destiny. Currently exploring Electrical and Electronic Waste disposal (WEEE) an area that needs urgent change due to the devastating impacts our illegal exports of waste currently has on developing countries (see first blogposts). 

Throughout my teens and twenties I worked in retail, Theatre, TV and education with physical ‘stuff’ playing a major protagonist in my day to day life. My art and writing reflects on the guilt free consumer culture in which I worked and enjoyed.

Within my work I invite you to empathise with a series of redundant objects, generating questions concerning their monetary value, destiny and potentially devastating health impacts on the local people and the rivers into which the carcasses of our conspicuous consumption are sometimes dumped.

What will you do with me tomorrow?

‘I see myself being looked at by you. You’ve stood there in your soft flesh body and animated me in your own image, almost as if I had autonomy over my body like you do. But here I am paralysed in silence, I am a carcass of your conspicuous consumption, waiting for something to happen, wondering what you will do with me tomorrow.’

The lump of cables you see here have resulted from over 10 years of the artist, Susannah’s laissez faire attitude, putting off categorization and organisation to ‘another day’, throwing the cables under her bed. Occasional tugs and yanks for a required cable, only serves to form tighter bonds between the rest.

One day, overcoming the lump’s symbolism for her own inadequacies and seduced by the visual entanglement of cables, Susannah turned her pencil to her new muse. But with every drawing she began to wonder about those that did not make it; the Panasonic Power Blaster 2000, her first Motorola mobile and the many funky lime coloured USB sticks. Where are they now? The conspicuous pride and affection she bestowed on these items may not have secured them a certain future. For our well intended statement ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is often entangled in the dark and unsustainable linear economy. Do the harrowing images of people stood burning electrical waste in open air, hotter, poorer climates* to extract tiny bits of precious metals show the inevitable fate of our temporary joy? And have these unknowingly released poisonous gases that have had devastating health impacts on the local people and the rivers into which the carcasses of our conspicuous consumption are dumped?

*West Africa, India, Pakistan, Brazil to name a few


About me:

Artist from Macclesfield with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts (2009). My work in costume departments in theatre, TV and retail during my twenties has shaped my material and environmental ideas. I worked three wonderful years as an Art and Costume teacher. I have tutored with London Drawing since 2011.


  • PGCE Art & Design, Institute of Education 2015

  • BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, 2009

  • Art & Design Foundation, Byam Shaw School of Fine Art, 2006


  • ‘Whisper of the Moths’ The Print Mill, Macclesfield, May-June 2019

  • ‘Anamorphic Waves’ Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London, April 2019

  • ‘Secret Charter’ Dulwich Picture Gallery,London October 2018

  • ‘Punch’, The Hive Dalston, London October 2017

  • ‘Drawing in Uncertainties’ Solo show at Charles Roe House, Macclesfield. May 2016

  • ‘Hand Joy’, Centre for Recent Drawing, London May 2009

  • ‘Dislocation, Exploration and Meaning’ International Artists 39K Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan


  • Finalist for IJAYA, Ben Uri 2012

  • Finalist for IJAYA, Ben Uri 2007


  • ‘Where does inspiration come from?’ Tate Modern podcast for Picasso 1932- Love, Fame and Tragedy. I was a guest speaker.