Live Electrical Waste drawing at Odd Macc Folk night!

On Wednesday I was asked along with folk singers, poets and artists from Macclesfield to perform at The Print Mill for a spring evening of music and laughter. As a teacher I have done many live demonstrations, some with London Drawing that go on for about 20 minutes so didn’t think this would be much different. However, it was more challenging than I thought. Usually my cable drawings take a few days to do and sometimes I sit and stare at them for hours at a time working out the composition. With this, I only had 90 minutes so I launched in with almost no thought as to what I was doing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the point where I felt fully engaged with the entangled cables so I’m not too fond of the final one. It was a super evening though and I enjoyed being able to draw while listening to the sounds of the busy evening.

The woman with the hat who bobs her head in , is Dr Deborah Maw the biochemist and environmental artist who gave the Microplastics talk last week (see last blog entry).

This was my first live drawing video so naturally it was a makeshift production, my phone is sellotaped to my tripod! I have loads to learn with regards to filming (lighting, post-production, sound etc) so am looking forward to doing more. I’ve been commissioned to do another drawing of a levitating lump of cables so I’m going to film it and discuss the process in detail.