Foreshortening corrections: 'The return of my detritus'

Since my last blogpost, I’ve been imagining what it would be like if our rubbish forced it’s way back into our lives. Here is the resulting drawing. Wondering if it is clear that the artist is looking at the rubbish which is indeed you, the viewer?!

Half way through the drawing I realised the legs were too long. This is a common mistake to make as our brain often wants to lengthen the limbs even if they are foreshortened because of the angle of vision. I did this drawing from my reflection and due to standing quite close to the mirror my upper body was closer to my line of vision and therefore appeared bigger. The brain does funny things though and wants to adhere to what Betty Edwards (Drawing on the right hand side of the brain) calls the symbol system, drawing things how they should be and not how they are.

I’m not overly precious about everything being exact but I wanted to evoke a feeling of disorientation in the viewer and as if the pile of rubbish mounting in the foreground was dwarfing her. So I felt it necessary to make the adjustments.

Please note, the vlog was not sponsored by Sellotape.